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The 1900s photos

first photo: at the Town House (with its railings) in about 1900

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at the Town House (with its railings) in about 1900 The Marys of 1934 - Misses McAtamney, Sheddon, Jamieson & Bruton
Captain James Sloan 1924-26 Captain R Elliott 1938-39 and 1946 The 1962 Marys: Janette Shaw, Kay Beaton, Pat Pearson, Janice McClelland
1969 crowds watch the parade passing Bridgegate to Bank Street Scotia won many races at Marymass and in the Borders Marymass 1972
Royal Party 1973 1973 pages Stewart Gorman and George Brown Marys 1974 Jolene Pollock & Zoe Rodgers
Marys 1974 Laura Stevens & Laura Jane Woods Royal Party 1976 incl. Capt. Jack Allan and Queen Angela McDaid The Marys 1982
1986 Queen Pamela Kirk and Royal Party A young Willie Affleck with even younger Julie Affleck in 1986 Queen Yvonne at crowning 1987
Federation Breweries dray 1991 Marymass 1997 'Chance' 1998
Marymass 1998 Tennents Brewery Dray team Marymass 1999, with Queen Ashley Laughland



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